I remember my summer vacations with my Grandparents in the 80's. This photo resurected many memories, especially the fashion of the 80's in the eastern block. My Grandpa used to wear similar socks, shoes and too short shorts. Funny, that more than 30 years later people leaving on the Hungarian country side still got that look. It gives me some kind of a warm feeling...

The Neigborhood.

In the late nineteen seventies the 3rd district called Óbuda (Old Buda), more precisly the Vörösvári út (Vörösvári road) was a modern communist architecture, quite a fancy place to live close to the city center. I remember how it was in the 80's, people were friendly, parents weren't afraid of letting their kids playing outside with friends. We lived on the sixth floor, everytime my Mom or Grandma was shouting through the window to call me for dinner. While sitting in the kitchen or in the living room I always heard my Grandpa walking home on the back street after closing his antique shop. How? He had about 20 door keys pinned to his little bag which he was always carrying in his left hand - in the right he had always a cigarette. So the sound of those hanging keys was so recognizable that even today I wouldn't mistaken it. Also from our window on the sixth floor me and my sister were looking for hours to see the arrival of our father from Poland in his fiat 126p (later it was a toyota corolla).
Well, that was then. Now the neigborhood reminds me more of the shadow of itself, most of the places I used to play are empty, looks like aging badly & dying in agony, homeless people are on every corner, alcoholics are drinking on playgrounds. only a couple of buildings are revitalized so far. It's not as nice and friendly area like it used to be back in the days, however I love this part of the city and all the memories it brings back.

Me 30 years later in the neigborhood, the place where me and my friends in the childhood used to set up meetings after breakfasts, lunch and dinners in the summer time...

I didn't post for a long time, I had a small crisis & have't been for a while in BP. Maybe I forgot the reason I started this blog, but after a long break like this I start thinkin' that there was a good reason, it's enough to go to the first two posts. So couple of weeks ago we were in Budapest and it was like a catharsis for me, we were walking long distances with the kids, hangin' around, catching the atmosphere of the city. I shot quite a lot photos. Still there was somethin' missing. So one afternoon Kamila asked me why I don't go to my old neigborhood and look around, maybe I can get inspired? It was so fucking important what she said, 'cause probably I did't want to wake up the memories from my childhood which are vanishing quickly & are painful for me - even though they remind me the happiest time of my childhood. So I think the next post is gonna be about the neigborhood I used to spend time when I was a kid & gonna add some nostalgic words.

cousin Tomek in his favorite store with some retro shit

that's me with my fellaz Nitro & Toto - the two mc's of Soap City Squad . Nitro is also the mc of the famous 2HZKZT crew.

My family: Tomek from London, Zsombor & Bence from Budapest - we spent some good time together, I love these crazy fellaz