I didn't post for a long time, I had a small crisis & have't been for a while in BP. Maybe I forgot the reason I started this blog, but after a long break like this I start thinkin' that there was a good reason, it's enough to go to the first two posts. So couple of weeks ago we were in Budapest and it was like a catharsis for me, we were walking long distances with the kids, hangin' around, catching the atmosphere of the city. I shot quite a lot photos. Still there was somethin' missing. So one afternoon Kamila asked me why I don't go to my old neigborhood and look around, maybe I can get inspired? It was so fucking important what she said, 'cause probably I did't want to wake up the memories from my childhood which are vanishing quickly & are painful for me - even though they remind me the happiest time of my childhood. So I think the next post is gonna be about the neigborhood I used to spend time when I was a kid & gonna add some nostalgic words.

cousin Tomek in his favorite store with some retro shit

that's me with my fellaz Nitro & Toto - the two mc's of Soap City Squad . Nitro is also the mc of the famous 2HZKZT crew.

My family: Tomek from London, Zsombor & Bence from Budapest - we spent some good time together, I love these crazy fellaz

my homiez: MenetMatt & Nitró